Invisible Women? Analysing Gender and Media – Professor Yvonne Tasker’s Inaugural lecture

Wednesday 16th October 2019 – Clothworkers Centenary Concert Hall, University of Leeds

Neither binary nor straightforward, this lecture argues that gender is a vital frame for media history and analysis.

Bodies matter, and women’s bodies are particularly charged sites of meaning in popular media cultures. Images of women populate media culture but work by female film and TV producers is often unacknowledged. In what manner is women’s visibility in the media legible or permissible?

In this public inaugural lecture, project collaborator Yvonne Tasker will explore the meaning of gendered bodies in media cultures. She will look at the career of socialist filmmaker Jill Craigie to show how radical women have long been involved in the British film and television industries.

To read more on Craigie’s career and British film history, see Yvonne’s article on Jill Craigie’s career published in Viewfinder magazine: